Kitchen Countertops

Custom cabinetry is an art form of balancing function with beauty, practicality with room flow, and style with budget.  Rigney HomeCraft can work with you to find the perfect balance to suite your and your home's needs and then craft a beautiful set of cabinets that turn a room into a space you will want to spend most of your time.   



We offer a variety of countertop options for our cabinets and furniture.  We can provide granite and other solid surface stones, laminate counters, wood, zinc, and even faux-concrete.  Rigney HomeCraft creates in-shop solid wood countertops that are a unique and beautiful way personalize a bathroom, laundry room or kitchen.  The right finish will make these countertops able to withstand most conditions with only minimal maintenance.  With a warm and smooth finish, these countertops will be a piece that everyone wants to touch.