Interior and Exterior Custom Doors

Most doors are simply not made with the same quality they were a hundred years ago.  It is my desire to see beautifully handcrafted doors back in homes.  Why not see a unique piece of art hung in every passageway of your home?  All of our doors are built with mortise and tenon joinery at every major joint.  This gives the door strength and durability that will out last any store bought door, plus the beauty of high-quality furniture grade joinery.  Interior doors are available in a jam or on a barn door sliding track, and exterior doors are only available in a weather sealed jam.  Glass inserts are available in all doors. 


Custom Furniture

Furniture is special because it can say a lot about who owns it.  Rigney HomeCraft seeks to make every piece tell a story even down to the detail of where the wood came from.  If the wood is reclaimed from an old building, sometimes we even brand the initials of the farmer, homeowner, or landowner of where the lumber came from.  Aside from quality craftsmanship, its these little details that make a piece special.   Ask us about how we can make a custom piece of furniture to suit your story.